About Us

founder Facing the challenges of globalization, it has become imperative to participate more actively in building every aspect of life to create religious, independent, creative generation, perceptive to global and technological changes.

Fajar Hidayah Foundation intends to upgrade and expand educational services to the community in the formal education program for youths in the primary and high school age category by constructing new school buildings with adequate facility and efficient management.

The Indonesian Educational System still adopts the massive educational system which cannot accommodate individual differences in talents, desire, and ability. Realizing the imbalance of educational demands in the present system, The Foundation developed an Islamic School with integrated curriculum as an institution in building and progressing the up coming generation.

Fajar Hidayah Foundation was founded by Mr. H. Mirdas Eka Yora and Mrs. Hj. Draga Rangkuti on 13 August 1998.
In 1999 Fajar Hidayah Foundation established Sekolah Islam Terpadu (Islam Integrated School) Fajar Hidayah in Kota Wisata which to date has 1200 students, 300 teachers and staffs in a 7200m2 school buildings standing on 3 Ha lands. Fajar Hidayah Kota Wisata is gradually developing to have a capacity for 3000 students and 18.000 m2 of buildings and facilities.

Our Vision

A world of religious, independent, creative, and technologically advanced Moslem generation perceptive to the dynamics of global changes.
Our Mission

To continuously develop high quality Islamic educational institutions for the present and future generation of Moslems.
Our Strategy

Harnessing the spirit of Islam to endure, progress, and achieve excellence by setting mission, opportunity, resource, and timing in a balanced configuration.
Fajar Hidayah schools are developed, constructed and operated by an integrated management team which generates efficiency both in investments and operation.

Fajar Hidayah has been given operational license and accredited fully by the Ministry of Education of The Republic Indonesia both for its primary school and junior high school. Fajar Hidayah adopts the “Active Learning” approach and method of teaching, enriched with Islamic and International orientation.
Development, construction and operation of the schools are done by an integrated management team with diverse expertise, and are fully funded by the foundation supported by receipts from operation.
Our Location

For security and convenience of its students, Fajar Hidayah will always try to set its location in well developed middle and upper class residential. Fajar Hidayah only accepts enrolees living within a 15 km radius.